Movie Memorbilia & Storage: Tips For Keeping 4 Items In Perfect Condition

Movie fans all over the world love to collect memorabilia based off their favorite titles. Whether it's Star Wars, Jurassic World, or A Nightmare on Elm street, companies often release collectibles and props that movie fans love. If you're waiting for the collectibles to gain value or are delaying their display, a storage unit rental is ideal for holding it all. Instead of just tossing the items in a unit, you can keep them in mint condition by using some storage tips. The following four types of movie memorabilia can stay protected and in the same condition that you left it in.

Movie Posters

One of the easiest ways to show your love for a movie is with an official movie poster. Also known as one-sheets, these posters offer great imagery and designs based off specific films. When exposed to light and UV rays, posters can fade overtime and reduce in quality. There are two ways to help prevent this from happening.

  • Black Poster Tubes: Keep the poster in mint condition by storing it in a black tube. The dark tube does not let any light in and will retain the original quality that you purchased. The outside of the tube allows you to easily label the movie title and keep it organized.
  • UV-Protected Poster Frames: If you want to keep posters flat, then consider placing them in an UV-protected poster frame. The glass on the front of the frame acts like a pair of sunglasses for your poster. When you're ready to take the poster out of storage, it's ready to hang anywhere in your house.

DVD & Blu-Ray Discs

Movie studios often cater to fans of the films with collector editions and boxed sets of their favorite movies. If you own some of these films, you'll want to protect them when placed in storage. One of the biggest dangers to DVD and Blu-Ray discs is heat. Excessive heat can damage the data on the disc and make it unplayable. A climate-controlled storage unit is the best location for these discs. It will ensure that the discs stay in mint condition.

When storing the cases, you should place a small shelf inside of the of unit. All of the discs and cases should be stored vertically. When cases are stacked on each other, it can create a pressure that results in damaged discs or lost data.

Action Figures & Collectibles

Iconic movie characters and scenes are often depicted through lifelike action figures and collectibles. Whether you keep the figures in their case or store them loosely, there are multiple ways to store them for the best protection.

  • Loose Figures: Small plastic boxes for individual figures allow them to stay protected from air elements. This keeps the joints of the figures strong and prevents any metal parts from rusting or deteriorating.
  • Packaged Figures: Collectibles that are left in their original packaging should have extra protection. The figures should be packed vertically in plastic storage bins to prevent wear and damage. Do not pack the figures too tightly or they could be damaged  from the extra pressure. Use small pieces of flat foam between each figure so the cardboard cases stay protected and do not bend or scratch.

Movie Clothing

Movie t-shirts are often iconic and great collectibles. From the Jaws logo to a simple movie title like "Rocky, " these shirts have become timeless and are great for collecting. Keep the shirts in mint condition by storing them in a vacuum seal bag. These bags will help keep the shirt protected from outside elements and prevent wear on the screen printed graphics.

Choose a dark sealing bag to keep extra light out from the shirts. This will help retain the original colors and prevent fading. When the shirts are removed from storage, they should be washed on a gentle cycle to get them back into the original state.

As the years go by, using these tips will help keep all of your memorabilia in mint condition. Request a unit with no windows or natural light to help reduce wear on your items.

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