Keeping Your Storage Unit Pest Free Without Using Chemicals

Common pests such as mice and roaches can do a significant amount of damage to stored items if you do not take precautions to keep these pests out of your storage unit. The longer your items remain in storage, the greater the risk is that these items will be damaged by pests or other factors. To complicate matters further, you will find that many storage facilities prohibit the use of pest control chemicals inside your storage unit. This rule is often put in place to prevent potentially dangerous interactions between different chemicals. Thankfully, it is still possible to keep pests out of your storage unit without the use of any chemical products. The tips outlined below can help you accomplish this goal. 

Using Essential Oils To Deter Pests

Essential oils can be a very powerful deterrent for many common pests. This is because while the smell of these oils may be pleasant to people, it can be overwhelming for rodents and insects. The best way to employ the power of these oils inside your storage unit is to soak cotton balls in the oil and then place the cotton balls all around the unit. Just remember that essential oils can stain furnishings and fabrics. Consequently, you may need to place the soaked cotton balls in a container before putting them around these types of items to prevent damage. You will also want to replace the soaked cotton balls from time to time to maintain optimal results. 

Replacing Cardboard Boxes With Storage Bins

Many pests prefer to nest in dark enclosed spaces and only venture out in search of food or other essential items. Cardboard boxes provide pests with this type of ideal environment. Cardboard boxes are also quite easy for many pests to make their way inside, even if you have securely taped the boxes closed. Replacing these boxes with airtight storage bins will eliminate a potential hiding place for pests while also preventing pests from damaging any of the items you choose to store inside these bins. 

Eliminating All Food Sources

One of the most effective ways to keep pests out of your storage unit is to prevent them from being attracted to your unit in the first place. Just like all living creatures, common pests require a food source. If your storage unit does not provide this food source, pests will be forced to look elsewhere. Making sure that all furnishings and other stored items have been cleaned to remove any food crumbs will help to ensure your stored belongings do not provide the free lunch that pests are looking for. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a storage facility near you.

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