3 Things To Do Before Your Aging Parent Moves In With You

When an aging parent begins needing more assistance, a lot of families will volunteer to have that person move in with them. If you are now preparing for your mom or dad to move in with you, there are things you will need to do, discuss, and complete. Here are three of the important things you will need to do as you get ready for your parent to move in with you.

Analyze The Care He Or She Will Need

The first thing you will need to consider is your lifestyle. With a parent moving in, how will your life be affected? The answer to this can vary, but it will often depend on the amount of care your parent will need. It will also depend on whether you are planning on providing the care or hiring it out to someone.

As you think about this decision and how this will all work, you should think about the time you have on your hands. If you and your spouse both work full-time, it's likely that you may need to hire a home healthcare company to provide the services your parent will need during the day. If you are home all the time and have the ability to provide the care, you may simply want to do these tasks yourself.

Even if you decide to do the work yourself, it may be important to line up a home healthcare company to fill in the gaps. For example, there might be days where you will not be home, or you might have vacations planned for future months. During these times, you could have someone come in to help your parent.

Determine A Financial Arrangement

The second thing you may want to do is determine if you will need a financial agreement. While it may seem strange to do this with a family member, it can be important in some situations. For example, if you are planning on quitting your full-time job to stay home with your parent, your parent might want to pay you for taking care of him or her.

In addition, some families will develop financial plans to help out with the added costs needed for a family member moving in. For example, if you will have to remodel certain parts of your home, your parent might be willing to pay for these upgrades.

There are also times when a financial agreement is really not necessary. This is entirely up to you, your situation, and your parent's financial situation.

Make Room For Your Parent

The third thing you will need to think about is where you will put your parent when he or she moves in. The area in which you use should be suitable for his or her needs, and there should be enough space that your parent has some privacy. You may want to choose an extra bedroom in your house for this, or you may decide to convert your den into your parent's new living area.

In any case, it's likely that you may need to rent a storage unit for help with this. A storage unit is a great option because it is something you can rent by the month. When you rent the unit, you can place all the things from your parent's new living area into the unit. This may be the only way to free up space in your home for this event.

Storage units are not expensive to rent, but the price will depend on the facility and the size of the unit. For example, renting a unit that is 10x20 will cost around $95 to $155 per month. If you prefer one with climate control, you can expect to pay a little more.

There are a lot of decisions to make when a parent moves in, but renting a storage unit from a facility like Stadium Storage is often a great solution for some of the issues you may face. If you have any questions about storage units, contact a facility in your area today.

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