3 Things You Should Do to Protect Your Furniture While Storing It

Putting furniture in storage is a great way to keep it safe while you are moving to a temporary home and want to keep it out of the way until you find a permanent residence. However, many people store their furniture incorrectly, which causes damage to the furniture. Here are some things that you should always do to furniture before you store it to ensure it comes out looking as great as it did when it went in.

1. Polish the Surfaces

You should always put polish on the surfaces of the furniture before you store it. Polish isn't just for keeping things looking nice. It is an important part of protecting the surface as well. For instance, if you have wood furniture, putting a coat of polish on it will protect it from the moisture in the air and even from dust. The dust will wipe off more easily because the polish acts as a barrier between the wood and the air.

You can even polish leather surfaces. Leather couches are also very susceptible to moisture and dust, so adding a special leather polish will be a great way to protect it.

2. Keep All of the Furniture off the Ground

Another important thing is to keep all of your furniture off the ground. Most storage units have cement flooring. This is one way to keep the units' temperature constant and to minimize cost. However, placing something like a leather couch on a cold cement surface could be very dangerous for it.

Even more important than the temperature is the airflow. There needs to be air passing under the furniture so that you don't get mildew or mold buildup. There is going to be moisture no matter what, and if you live in a humid climate, the lack of air circulation will cause the leather to erode and to rot. Instead, get some crates and prop up the furniture so that air can always pass through.

3. Loosely Cover Every Surface

Lastly, you should take sheets and cover every surface. Don't wrap furniture in plastic wrap as this won't allow for enough air and could once again cause mildew to form on the items. Instead, you should take large pieces of fabric and sheets and drape them over the furniture so that dust doesn't touch the surface. This will be a simple way to protect the furniture from dirt.

For more advice on how to properly store furniture, talk to facilities like East Valley Self Storage.

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