Showing Your Home Soon? Rent A Storage Unit To Put Pet Items Away

Organizing your property for taking photos that will be used in the online home listing can take a long time. But, when it comes to moving around pet-related items, you can put everything into the garage, take photos of the home, and then put things back in their original place. The process is a little different when you are getting ready to show your home to potential buyers.

In this situation, you will want to avoid adding more items to the garage. So, you should not hesitate to rent a small storage unit so that you can keep all the pet items stowed away.

Avoid Clutter in the Garage

The main reason to get storage is to avoid cluttering up your garage. You should expect homebuyers to look through the garage because it is an important feature in any home. If you have a large collection of dog and cat items in the space, it could look somewhat messy. This is not the kind of impression that you want to make on buyers that may put an offer on the home.

Remove Cat Furniture

One of the things that will stand out most in your home is cat furniture. This is especially true if you have a large cat tree or two set up around the house. While you may be comfortable with the extra space that these items take up in your home, most buyers will be more interested in seeing the open space. Large cat trees may require you to rent a storage unit larger than 5' x 5'.

Box Up Toys

The next step that you want to take is boxing up all the toys around the house. It can take a while to look underneath all the furniture and in all the cracks and crevices to find these toys. In the end, you should assemble a box or two and put the toys inside until you sell the home.

Put Away Litter Boxes

If you intend on boarding your cats and dogs or taking them to a family member's house while you are showing your home on such a regular basis, you should feel confident removing litter boxes. This will make your home smell better and look more appealing to buyers. Emptying and cleaning the litter boxes before putting them in storage will keep the unit smelling fresh.

Investing in a rental storage unit, such as from Mars Mega Storage , is a great idea to store pet items while showing your home.

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