3 Storage Tips For The Long-Term Traveler

You've saved money, researched destinations, and possibly created a location-independent career for yourself. Now that your dream of becoming a long-term traveler is about to come true, what do you do with all your stuff? In most cases, renting a storage unit is the best option because your belongings will be secure and clean, you don't need to take advantage of friends or family by stashing your stuff at their place, and everything will be waiting for you when you return and settle into a new home. Here are a few tips for this unique situation:

Downsize and Declutter First

Before renting a storage unit, it's a good idea to declutter and pare down your belongings. This means there will be less to move, and you can also get away with a smaller, more affordable self storage unit. Go through your belongings with a critical eye, and donate, sell, or trash anything that you know you won't want when you get back from your travels.

Items that can be easily and cheaply replaced, like toiletries you can't take you, for example, should also go. If you plan to buy new furniture when you return because yours is outdated or uncomfortable, go ahead and get rid of it now. There is no sense in spending time, effort, and money moving and storing items you plan to get rid of anyway.

Pack Properly

This is not the time to do a rushed packing job. Carefully organize and pack personal items in clearly labeled, airtight storage tubs to keep everything clean and protected. Vacuum-sealing bags can allow you to store clothing, towels, and bed linens in a much smaller space, since they help eliminate bulk. You may want to wrap your couch and mattress in plastic to keep them protected and dust-free. Remember, the more organized and tidy your storage unit is, the easier it will be to unpack when you come home.

Choose the Correct Size

One of the biggest self-storage mistakes is getting the wrong size unit. You want enough space to be able to easily get items in and out, but not so much extra space that you are wasting money on more storage than you need. Most self-storage companies have size calculators on their website, but when in doubt, you should ask the storage manager for their advice based on the amount of belongings you need to store.

Renting a storage unit while you are on the road long-term will give you peace of mind and ensure your belongings are safe and secure. Contact a company like Capistano A Plus Storage for additional information.

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