3 Things To Know About Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is an evolution of self-storage. With self-storage, you can store things at one facility for a month or for multiple years. With mobile storage, you can pack up and store your items in one location, and then ship the storage container to a new location. This is great when you need to put items into mini storage because you are in between homes or opportunities, or when you are downsizing temporarily but know you will be moving into a larger home soon.

Mobile Containers Are Strong

Mobile containers are built to be strong and withstand various weather conditions. They are designed to provide a tight seal, so water should not leak or make its way into your storage container.

Mobile storage containers are made out of strong materials to protect your belongings. Mobile storage containers are made out of materials such as galvanized steel and fiberglass-reinforced plywood. They are modeled after shipping containers, which help protect and keep goods safe when they are being shipped across long distances.

Mobile Storage Containers Are Spacious

Mobile storage containers are really spacious. They have lots of room inside of them and can hold a large number of items when you pack up the storage container correctly. There are different sized mobile storage containers. Even the smaller containers can usually fit all the contains from the main living area and two to three bedrooms or additional rooms. Larger storage containers are designed to hold the contents of your living area and three to four bedrooms. Most standard sized ones can fit inside of a small or large mobile storage container.

If you have an oversized house or lots of items, you may need to rent two storage containers, but usually, one storage container works for most families.

Mobile Storage Units Provide Flexibility

Finally, mobile storage units provide you with a great degree of flexibility. With a mobile storage unit, you can have it dropped off at your home so that you can pack it up. Just make sure that you have a flat surface for it to be parked on.

You can store the mobile storage at your home if you want to. Most mobile storage companies also allow you to store the mobile storage unit at their facility. You may have the option to store the storage unit outside, or inside a climate-controlled facility.

Many mobile storage unit companies also offer you the opportunity to ship your mobile storage unit to your new home or another storage location within their network.

Mobile storage units provide you with a great degree of flexibility and are large enough to fit an average sized family home and keep your belongings safe for an extended period of time.

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