The Six Packing Supplies You Need On-Hand Before Moving Day

Moving day is always busy and chaotic. It's good to have a goal of making your packing and moving process as streamlined and simple as possible, and one way to do that is to make sure you have all the right supplies on hand from the start. This keeps you from having to make a last-minute trip to the store or from having to make do with packing supplies that don't protect your items as they should.

Here are the six basic packing supplies that will get you through most packing and moving experiences, whether you're moving items into a storage facility or into a new home.

1. Large Boxes

Buy some dedicated moving boxes that are at least 24 x 24 x 24 inches. These boxes are perfect for lighter items like towels and sheets. You can fit lots of lighter items inside without making the boxes too heavy. 

2. Small Boxes

You will also want some small boxes measuring about 12 x 12 x 12. These are the ones you will use for heavier items, such as glasses and plates. You want every box to be full so they do not collapse when something is set on top of them, so it is important to have smaller boxes for heavy things.

3. Packing Tape

Look for wide packing tape, preferably the type with strings running down it. The strings add strength to the packing tape so you can reliably use it on the bottoms of boxes to keep them shut.

4. Sharpie Markers

You need to label your boxes in order to stay organized. The easiest way to do that is with Sharpie markers, which will write well on both cardboard and tape. You can even buy a few different colors of Sharpies so you can color-code boxes by room.

5. Bubble Wrap

Some sheets of bubble wrap are essential for wrapping really fragile items like mugs, glasses, and glass picture frames. Look for bubble wrap with small bubbles, since this type is easier to wrap around items.

6. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is nice for wrapping smaller items, and it can add an extra layer of protection inside boxes when you're packing things like frames and art.

If you stock up on the packing supplies above, you'll be ready to go on moving day. Invite some friends over to help, and look forward to a great day.

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