Live in a Densely Populated Area? Rent a Unit From a Distant Storage Facility

While living in a densely populated area, you may notice that most living spaces come in smaller sizes, including apartments, businesses, and houses. Living in a small place may limit your space enough that you become interested in renting a nearby storage unit.

Finding a storage facility in your neighborhood is convenient because you can walk there without a problem. Another option is renting from a distant storage facility because you will enjoy numerous benefits that outweigh the convenience of being close to your stored belongings.

Rental Rates

If you plan to rent a storage unit for a long time, you should consider it an ongoing expense. Dense areas and high-population cities cost more for a unit rental. For example, even though the average monthly rent for a 5' x 10' storage unit is $65.23, the amount goes up to $149 in Los Angeles.

While you can expect great savings when looking at storage facilities out of your city, you should manage your expectations because finding below-average rates can be tough. Analyzing unit rates from multiple facilities will give you the best idea of what kind of monthly rent you can expect.

Living in a city is advantageous, though, because you can go in any direction for a storage unit rental. For example, you may find that rates are the lowest in the northern part of town.

Unit Sizes

Finding lots of large storage units will prove more challenging in a dense area compared to a suburban or rural area where space is not as limited. Also, storage facilities in these areas have more space to offer various unit sizes to accommodate the needs of all customers. So, looking far away from home is often a wise choice to get a long and narrow unit, such as a 5' x 15'.

Another detail that you may notice with faraway facilities is a difference in ceiling heights. Same-sized storage units can provide different storage capacities because of the ceiling. Asking about this measurement will help you get the most value from the storage unit that you pick.


Since space is desirable and hard-to-find in cities and dense areas, you may call local facilities and find their selection limited or even fully occupied. Suburban and rural facilities can build more units and provide more availability with customers coming and leaving regularly.

Even though you may live in a densely populated area, you should consider renting storage further away for these incredible benefits.

For more information, contact a local storage unit facility to learn more.

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