3 Crucial Things You Should Know About RV Storage

Recreational vehicles are invaluable when crisscrossing the country and exploring different areas. Nevertheless, when the time for travel ends and you need to go back home, you must find excellent storage for the vehicle. However, you may not have enough storage space in their garage for recreational vehicles. Additionally, parking on the street or driveway might also be unsafe or prohibited. Therefore, the most viable option is to look for a storage facility that handles these vehicles. Here are three crucial guidelines regarding RV storage:

1. Be Selective About the Storage Facility

Consider the storage facility as a temporary home for your recreational vehicle. You will not have to worry about your RV's safety if you have a reliable storage facility. Different facilities have varying levels of storage and security. Some basic options provide an open space where you can park the van without roof coverage. Other facilities have more secure and highly specialized options with a roof and fence. Ensure that you choose the option that suits your needs and assures your RV's security.

2. Clean Your Vehicle Before Storage

The condition you store your recreational vehicle in determines how well it will hold up during storage. For example, you should clean every section with soap and water. Remove any grease and wax buildup in the kitchen and dining parts of the RV. In addition, ensure that you empty all the storage spaces and do not leave foodstuff inside the RV. Any trace of foodstuff could attract destructive pests to your vehicle. After cleaning all the components (paying special attention to the kitchen and dining areas), vacuum-clean the furniture and all other interior surfaces. Ensure that you take the unit into the storage facility when it's perfectly clean.

3. Drain All the Fluids from Your Vehicle

You should clean all fluids inside your vehicle before storing the motor home. For example, remove any water from reservoirs inside the RV. Also, add a little anti-freeze to the pipes and the drains because it will help minimize the likelihood of your vehicle being damaged due to excessive cold in the winter. Additionally, retracting the slides protects the motor home from harsh external elements.

Take time and find the storage facility that fits your recreational vehicle's needs best. RV storage professionals can help you choose suitable storage and prepare your motor home for long storage periods, even when the external weather conditions are rough.

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