4 Elements That Affect The Cost Of Self-Storage

If you are shopping around for a facility where you can store your possessions, the cost is one of the essential factors you should consider. Unfortunately, the price is generally not fixed, meaning that it can range from a few dollars per week to hundreds of dollars per month. This is because storage companies consider several aspects when setting their pricing. Here is a list of some factors they consider when setting the price:

Duration of Storage

The amount you pay will likely be higher or lower depending on how long you keep the items in the unit. In a sense, this system operates like a retail store, whereby the longer you hire the service, the less expensive the daily cost is. Therefore, you pay more per day if you store the items for a short while. On the other hand, many facilities offer a discounted rate if the possessions are in storage for longer.


Units near residential areas are typically priced higher than those on the outskirts. In addition, if you are looking for self-storage in a big city, you inevitably pay more for the space than the residents of small towns would pay for a same-sized unit. For these reasons, when deciding where to rent a unit, you should consider how often you will need to access your items. Accordingly, renting a unit close to you would be worth the additional cost if you use the items frequently.


When deciding on suitable storage space, it should neither be too big nor too small for your items. If you rent a big space, you pay a higher amount and may have a lot of unused space. On the other hand, if the storage space is too small, you pay less, but the items may become damaged due to being too cramped. Thus, you need to make optimal use of the space you rent.

24/7 Accessibility

Convenience is an important aspect to consider before renting a storage unit. If you are going to store items that you intend to use regularly, e.g., bottles of wine, you should go for a company that allows access 24/7. Keep in mind that the cost of renting such units is likely higher because their service extends beyond business hours. On the other hand, you can rent a unit that limits access to business hours if you're storing items such as seasonal apparel and furniture.

These are some of the factors that affect the overall cost of self-storage. Nonetheless, avoid relying on a single quote when making your choice. Instead, it is wise to get quotes from several service providers to compare their prices, facilities, security, etc.

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