Mini Storage—Choose Between Single-Story Access And Multi-Level Access

A mini storage unit is a small or moderate-sized storage space that is often found in single-story storage facilities and multi-level facilities. Storing yard decor and recreational equipment at a facility prevents theft or damage that is associated with leaving your belongings out in the open.

Single-Story Access

A single-story storage building that features mini units will consist of units that are lined up alongside one another and separated by concrete, metal, brickwork, or another construction material. Single-story access is suited for the storage of heavy items or items that will not need to remain in storage for long. A consumer who is elderly or handicapped may appreciate the ease of access that a single-story facility provides them with.

Check over the yard items that you need to place in storage. Will you have any difficulties securing them to a handcart or climbing stairs or using an elevator to access a mini storage unit that is located on one of the upper floors of a multi-floor facility? If you foresee any issues with placing your belongings in a unit that comprises a higher level in a building, search for available mini-storage units at facilities that feature single-story storage buildings. 

Multi-Level Access

A multi-story access storage facility may feature floor room storage, deluxe storage units, and a series of standard and mini storage units. The location of the units may be based on the size of a particular unit and the features that it offers. Some storage facilities that are deemed multi-storage facilities are set up like a warehouse. They may have a large entryway and interior parking. A large facility may offer a cargo lift, access to handcarts, and access to shipping supplies.

A facility that only features a couple of stories may have mini units located upstairs and larger units located downstairs. A smaller facility may require patrons to use a staircase to access the units that are on the upper level.

If the yard decor and recreational equipment are fairly easy to pack into cartons, you may not mind acquiring a mini storage unit that is located on an upper level. This is especially true if you locate a unit that is within a facility that contains an elevator. An upper-level unit will be set up similarly to a mini-unit that is located within a single-story storage facility.

Contact a mini-storage unit service near you to learn more.   

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